I met you during my first experience abroad. We were in Denmark, Aarhus. I’ve just told you about my Erasmus there and about Zamora. I don’t know how to explain my connection with her. She represented my Erasmus, actually. She is older than me and her English is perfect, instead of mine. I still wondering how we communicated during those days. But we did. We created one of the best friendship that I have, and I can call her sister for many reasons. One of these is that during our experience far from home, we support each other all the time. We were both, in a relation and we spent a lot of time to speak about that. But we had more. We had the worst hangover in one of the most disgusting pub, we had our Sunday date at the McDonald’s for the “mcflurry day“, we lived for one month in the same dorm, and we had many dinners, lunches and breakfasts together. We had our amazing time but after six months, when everything ended, for us, it was not enough. Indeed, after six months from the end of Denmark’s chapter, we decided to meet us again, and Prague was the destination. Everything was changed in our life but not our relation. I can still remember the moment that I saw her at the airport. I felt like a child: excited and uncontrollable. But it was not enough. Six months later we tried again to organize a trip somewhere, but we realize that it was summer and I’m Italian, so why not in my place? You met all my family, you visited my favourite places, we made many “aperitivi”, white wine, sunset and we admired the sea. And I comprehended that when we said “it’s not a goodbye” we made a promise, and we were respecting it. We spent one year without seeing each other, and as always things in our life changed again, but we continue to have a strong connection; in March we graduated in the same week in two different countries. In the same summer I visited you in Amsterdam only for a few days, just the time to update you about my life, and you too, share some cocktails, lunch and then another “goodbye, see you again“. And it was true, we knew it. I moved to Padua and you came again in Italy to spend one more time together. And after 4 years it’s really crazy our connection. There are some periods where we text a lot, we send pics or vocal messages (really long actually), we know everything about each other, we share all the possible things we do. I don’t know how we are able to do this. Everything about us is different but we work so well together. We are connected strongly, as you were an Italian friend. No borders, no languages, no nationalities have ever separated us. And maybe this is the really power of friendship. I’m waiting to see together again, sis. Because for me it will never be enough.


Un pensiero su “It was not enough


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